Copyright Policy (I know, I hate these too)

So, as a means of consolidation, this blog is now merged with my poetry blog, Poetry in the Northern Forests. The reason being that it was trouble to juggle three blogs and maintain a reasonable upload rate for any of them.

So, as a reminder, I have a very basic policy concerning sharing and reposting my poetry and prose. I generally oppose Copyright’s right to even exist, and so I keep things simple.

If you want to share the poetry you see here, ASK. My answer will very probably be “yes”. I’m not an art-hoarder, I don’t write things and intend the world to never see them. So if you want to share, just ask me. It can be as simple as a “Hey man, can I post [insert poem here] to my friend’s website at”

From there, I require three basic conditions.

1) I will need to know what works are being shared

2) I need to know where I can find it to verify that it is not being distastefully altered

3) I will need a reliable means to contact you, the sharer.

I will also require that my name and the original blog entry date from here posted with each resharing for legal purposes. Credit where credit is due. I don’t like copyright at all. I think it’s evil and a political and legal pressure tool. But you know what? Lawyers love copyright, and I love maintaining control of my art.

So please be respectful of  my creations. Otherwise I will have to side with lawyers I dislike, put the hammer down, and lock up my art. And nobody wants that less than me.

You want to post the art?

Ask and ye shall receive.

I can be reached at

Have a wonderful day.


P.S: is not a real website but totally should be.

Further amendment: this policy applies to not just all poetry, but all works of art bearing my copyright, including the digital paintings I have started posting, effective October 1st, 2013. I still am very open to sharing, and all I ask is that you request permission first.


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