About the Phrasebook

bohemian (n)

an unconventional or nonconformist artist or writer.

bohemian (adj)

unconventional, especially in habit or dress.

Welcome to The Dirty Bohemian Phrasebook!
This is my little slice of Bohemia on the internet, where I talk about about the things that interest me, present my inane and sometimes awesome poetry and digital paintings.
I have a penchant for bright colors, long stripy scarves (thank you Tom Baker!), hats, an assorted variety of coats, shoes, and well… you get the idea.
Ever since I was a young teen, I was intrigued by the idea of pushing the envelope of my personality and presentation, and now that I am firmly in young adult territory, I have set forth my grand plan to be unashamed, unconventional, and unsane (different than insane, I swear). It’s only when we loosen our bolts a bit that we jiggle freely enough to breathe and be honest with ourselves and others. “A bird born in a cage views flying as a disease” quoth the wise man, and so I say screw cages, I want to fly. Maybe it’s just because I’m young. But it’s my goal to be and remain a free bohemian spirit for life. The day the colors fade is the day I start dying.

The Phrasebook is largely concerned with art and culture, but as I spread my wings more, it will start covering more eccentric topics of what people might consider a more ‘adult’ nature. If you find such topics distasteful, I recommend you do a 180 and go back the way you came. I never force anyone to read anything– unless that thing is a cracking good book, in which case yes I will do my damnedest to force you to read it and ENJOY IT.

But philosophy, afternoon tea, poetry, technology, science, paintings, bad jokes, TV and Radio, video games, and even the occasional girl (or even GUY!) clad only in brightly colored latex are all things you should expect to find here. Only awesomeness lives here.

Get used to it, or get moving.

As with all things Bohemian, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!


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