Living and working under an assumed name is pretty tough, actually

So, it’s no secret among friends and family that I’m not really fond of my legal given name, and over time I’ve been gradually trying to work my chosen name, Lumi, into things.

But there are a couple of problems with this.

First, I live around people who have pretty much known me my entire life. People who also don’t understand my dislike of my name (I just contend the sound of the name doesn’t fit me right for whatever reason).

Second, I live in Alaska, which despite being the largest State in these United States is pretty much “Smalltownsville, USA” all over. This makes transitioning as simply as to a new name very difficult.

Third: while it’s perfectly legal to live almost every aspect of your life under a pseudonym, boy howdy, it ain’t easy. Employers think you’re trying to hide something, strangers who find out you’re using a pseudonym wonder why you choose not to use your legal name (and then they get suspicious), and a whole lot of other scenarios that, yes, all end in people assuming the worst from you because you’re not being “honest” about your name. The one exception to this? Authors. For some reason. Which explains some of my drive, I think.

Well, let’s be honest:

No. I am not running from anything or anyone.

No. I am not a convicted felon.

No. I’m not deliberately trying to decieve you.

No. I am not trying to conceal my real identity.

No. I am not engaged in any shifty activities that even hew vaguely close to illegal or immoral.

Yes. I AM trying to operate under a pseudonym.

Yes. I AM trying to be more honest about my identity.

Yes. I AM following the law.


And yes, I do mind that people keep asking me why.

Now that we’ve cleared that air, stay classy guys.

Lumi, out!


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