Square-Enix dropped a new Kingdom Hearts trailer, but is anyone left to care?

Some games are in development a long time. Like, a REALLY REALLY LONG TIME.

Kingdom Hearts III is currently heading the “lengthy development” pack, at 12 years since we first knew it was coming, now that Duke Nukem Forever nuked itself after 15 years of development and Final Fantasy Versus XIII shapeshifted into Final Fantasy XV and finally released. But FF15 took 10 years to produce, itself, and now… well… not that many people are excited about Kingdom Hearts III anymore.

The overarching feel is that Square-Enix took too long. That’s closer to the mark than anything else.

To put things in context, I was excited about Kingdom Hearts III when it was first teased in 2005’s secret ending to Kingdom Hearts II. That secret ending was later rejiggered into a portable title, Birth By Sleep (which is probably among the best in the series, to be honest) in order to fill the gap, and we’ve had half a dozen prequels, sequels, rereleases and spin offs from Kingdom Hearts II in the 12 years since. 12 years*.

12. Damn. Years.

Where was I twelve years ago? Glad you asked. In 2005, I had just entered High School. I managed to go my entire High School career waiting for this game, obsessively playing Chain of Memories on my Game Boy Advance and replaying Kingdom Hearts I & II on my PlayStation 2 while I waited. But then I kept waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

And w– well let’s just say you know how the rest of that goes. Eventually, let’s say, 2012, I just wanted release from that prison. I wanted Square to admit the game was no longer in production and we could breathe a disappointed but relieved sigh. They did not. Instead, they teased and hinted and suggested further. For years. I was living some ancient Aztec curse. The spin offs would not satisfy and left me feeling empty. The teasers turned to ash in my soul, and all the HD Remasters in the world would not quench my thirst. I felt nothing anymore. Kingdom Hearts had become this undead thing neither living nor dead, neither released nor cancelled.

Eventually a trailer finally released. But by that point, as my sister loves to say, “my give-a-damn was busted”.

When I ask around, this seems to be the general impression, at least among my age group. We’ve been waiting an eternity in gamer years, and still we doubt that this phantom will ever materialize. The good part is, we’re mostly okay with this. We’ve moved on. I’ve discovered new favorites since then, and I no longer need Kingdom Hearts III in my life. The FFVII remake that SE is working on? Don’t need that either. Not anymore. Final Fantasy XV? Nope.

These are all games that High School me would have murdered a granny with a sledgehammer for a chance to play for a single day, but my current adult self no longer finds interesting or considers a must-have.

Maybe they’ll net some new fans with this. I hope they do. It used to be a great franchise and surely someone new will enjoy this game that has now been in and out of production for the better part of 12 years. Someone ought to when that much toil has gone into it. But, try as Square Enix might, as my sister also says, I just “can’t seem to find my give-a-shit button”.

Sorry Squeenix, you made my teenage years amazing, but I just don’t want you or need you anymore. You just took too long too many times.

If you’re of a sort that still looks forward to this game, here’s the trailer that dropped today.

Predictably, there’s STILL no release date.

Are you looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III? Am I just being a crotchety and cantankerous old koot? Drop a comment below!

*Granted it’s only been 4 years since the game was officially announced but seriously guys you told us it was coming 12 years ago come on.

One thought on “Square-Enix dropped a new Kingdom Hearts trailer, but is anyone left to care?

  1. Amy

    My grand-daughter grew up and started college during the wait for this game. I know she’s still excited about it but my reaction is meh. (Don’t freak out. my stepson and I were close to the same age)

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