Thorns of a Rose (by any other name)

It’s true it would smell as sweet
that rose by any other name
People are like roses too:
Who they are remains the same.

You can cut the tusks off a Walrus
You can paint a Zebra brown
You can bleach a Raven’s feathers
Or put a beggar beneath a crown.

You can call a Devil an Angel
You can put a Chimp in a Suit
You can stick wings upon a pig
And call a vegetable a fruit.

But a Zebra isn’t a horse
A Walrus isn’t a Seal
A Raven’s not a Dove
And your fruit just isn’t real

The Devil’s not an Angel
A Chimp won’t start hiring
A Pig is not a Hawk
And a Crown doesn’t make a King.

Claim whatever you want
Sling blame and point where it lands
A fox
The papers
Your neighbors
Your rivals
Fault can never be washed off your hands

Say the office has changed
And hand things over to a successor
But no matter what you say you are
The tyrant will always be the oppressor.


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