Fallout 4 as tragedy

It most unabashedly is. Played without alternate start mods, the main story doesn’t really allow for a whole lot of realistic roleplaying options that aren’t tragic if your character is as “bloke off the street” as the opening implies, doubly so if you’re playing the female protag (SHE’S A PRE-WAR LAWYER, BETHESDA. Not a supersoldier!)

Case in point: my first two characters, both played as the female protag, in which I attempted to react as organically to what the game offers as possible, based not on video game logic, but real logic (or rather, emotion).

They… did not exactly THRIVE.

In order, my first character watched:

-Nukes obliterate her whole world.
-Minutes later (by her perception) her husband is murdered and her son stolen -SECONDS APART while she’s helpless to intervene.
-Minutes after THAT (again, by her perception) she wakes up in a dead Vault where nobody there she might have known and leaned on for support died due to what appears to be a freak accident (finding out the truth later only makes it worse).
-After leaving the Vault, she meets the post-nuclear world and only barely survives it.
-After scraping by for a while and meeting some well-meaning folks, she finally revenges herself upon her husband’s murderer. Unfortunately, in the aftermath she realizes that it’s a hollow victory; her husband is still dead and will always be dead, and her son is still missing.
-After meeting with allies and giving herself a crash-course in teleporter construction theory, she finally reunites with her son, only to discover it’s a decoy.
-She then discovers her actual son has grown up to be a morally bankrupt and emotionally apathetic man whose goals and actions embody everything she despises, and skips burning bridges because by his own admission there were never any bridges to burn in the first place. She and the son she’s crossed Hell and High Water for are mortal enemies mere days after being reunited.
-Eventually, after invading the Institute, she kills him herself while, and blowing up the Institute in spectacularly nuclear fashion.
-On the roof of the Mass Fusion building, she realizes that she died the day the nukes fell, and elects to finish the job the nukes botched by throwing herself off the Mass Fusion building. Her story ends. I have never revisited this character, because my headcanon says she’s no kidding actually dead.

My second character DID NOT commit suicide, but instead snapped from all the above after blowing up the Institute and fell into a cognitively dissonant omnicidal nihilism, reasoning that Hell had been relocated to Earth, and the only way to cope was to become the biggest devil of them all. She wound up the Commonwealth’s equivalent of the Joker who allowed the Pack and the Disciples to overrun the Commonwealth, butchering and enslaving everyone. So she’s still technically alive, but everything she’d been and stood for as a person was still dead, and all that remained was the monster that consumed her.



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