Vilkas doesn’t get out much

The best-worst thing about playing Skyrim after all this time is doing factions in a flow outside what the game intended. Like, it’s fairly obvious that the Companions were always meant to be the first faction you joined, which leads to some hilarious moments of idiot-ball-carrying if you DIDN’T join them straight away and… did stuff first.

I only joined them AFTER I already killed Alduin, exterminated Lord Harkon and his court, defeated Miraak, assassinated the Emperor, and singlehandedly won the Civil War, and so when I went to FINALLY join the Companions, Vilkas treated my Dragonborn to this little gem that suddenly becomes that much more hilarious: “But master, I’ve never even heard of this outsider.”

Meanwhile, I’m just standing there like “Really bro? Dragonborn? Vanquisher of Alduin World-Eater? Thane of the city you live in? Unifier of Skyrim? He who sacked the city you live in, and the City of Solitude and beheaded General Tullius? Exterminator of the vampire menace? They sing songs about me in every pub from here to High Rock. You haven’t heard of me at all, fam?”

And if you’re one of those who had already joined but have neglected the early quests, Skjor will simply keep saying “you still need to prove yourself, whelp.”

Not sure which is worse.


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