Another year, another curiously timed BrAngelina breakup

​Curious how Brad and Angelina break up [AGAIN] just as:

-Hillary’s campaign is at its most vulnerable point since Bernie was at his height.

-Gary Johnson is making huge gains with the independents Hillary was courting.

-The Trump campaign is smelling blood in the water and circling the Clintons like hungry sharks.

-Standing Rock’s big protest continues and was just starting to be addressed in the news.

-word of two major oil spills in a 7 day span began to trickle to even the most uninformed.

-Solid evidence was emerging that 9/11 was a controlled demolition.

-The situation in Syria escalates in a way which paints the US government in an unfavorable light.

-racial segregation is returning to our universities for the first time since Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

But no, I’m sure Brad and Angelina are really having trouble and will never get back together like the last six and a half dozen times they called it quits forever.

They’re ACTORS. Some of the best in the business. They’re acting a part. What, Actors are truthful the second they set foot off the set? Please.

Stay classy America.


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