Some quick thoughts on the “PS4 Pro”

​Well, thank you Sony for justifying my switch to the Glorious Golden PC Gaming Master Race, with additional slumming it in Xbox Land.

The whole PS4 hardware gen has been one long irritating disappointment for me with inconsistent levels of control over auto updates (which has cost me money in wifi overages), network issues, price spikes of Playstation Plus, and all with nothing seriously good to show for it.

Xbox by comparison has done so much right this gen.

Boy, what a reversal of the pre-release hype and scandal this gen turned out to be.

Also: it doesn’t even do 4k natively? The shit, Sony?


For shame, Sony.

I guess you really do just have failure ingrained in your DNA now. First PCs, then TVs, then tablets, then phones, and now PlayStation. I guess there really isn’t a single failure you won’t run with scissors straight into these days.

How far you have fallen.


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