Adventures in introversion!

I have a friend, and we’ll call her “Kay”.

Kay travels a LOT. I mean a LOT. Every week, she’s telling me about some new adventure she’s had in some place like Germany, Japan, Italy, etc.

For some reason, she assumes that because she leads a very jet-setting lifestyle that her friends have something similar.

She’s always asking about “my latest adventures”.

I barely leave my house unless it’s for reasons of practicality.

I like people, or at least the idea of them.

It’s the reality I have trouble with.

I am an introvert of a very high degree, and some of it I come by honestly, other bits are learned.

But I have adventures.

Oh boy I have adventures.

I stood by the side Paul Mua’dib on the sands of the planet Arrakis as he launched an insurrection that tore down a galactic empire. I traveled with the Fellowship of the Ring to the bitter end and watched as my friends were pushed to their limits by evil. I sang onstage with Freddy Mercury and David Bowie, traveled the universe with the crew of the Normandy, and helped guide Master Chief to victory against the Flood. I have taken part in the Napoleonic wars, fought Nazis behind enemy lines, stopped Jihadi terrorist plots, healed the sick in Skyrim, and assassinated corrupt politicians. I’ve fought Dracula and the Grim Reaper to a standstill, seen heroes rise from unlikely places to confront extraordinary evil, and I have witnessed acts of redemption from men of great evil. I have fallen in love with people who hail from planets with names most would struggle to pronounce, and been a witness to history; and not just one history — I’ve seen things that could have been and returned home to tell the tale. Not all of these adventures involved a Tardis, but one may have been involved in a few.

I’ve also stepped outside my actual door and sprained an ankle for my trouble.

These are the adventures in introversion. We have had adventures that no place on Earth could hope to match.

Although we would enjoy a trip to Disney World as well, were it offered.

I’m also waiting for the Tardis to come back.

So, Kay, keep up your jetsetting life. You clearly enjoy  it. I jetset too, but in my own way.

Because my adventures in introversion are just getting started.


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