A little night poetry

A little night poetry is all I need
Some words that don’t run wild
To give my mind a focus
to keep it from behaving like a child
Give me some composition: words with multitudes of meaning
For without such regimented wordstuffs my thoughts are endless streaming.

A little night poetry is all I desire
Some structure here and there
For mine mind screams so loudly
I am barred from my own dream’s lair
Give me order and sanity in this latest hour of the night
I pray to the gods “Please let me sleep! I don’t want to watch the rising light!”

A little night poetry is everything I crave
The words just cannot end
It’s either that or the cacophony
So with words my time I’ll spend.
Just under my hair and skin is a world of maddest thoughts
I just want to fall asleep now, here, upon this plot.

A little night poetry has given me clarity and scope
I did not sleep at all till morning so dashed was my fondest hope
But it was never a single night wasted, not here under the moon
There’s always tomorrow evening, so I’ll pray that I sleep soon.


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