Who saw THIS coming?

First, happy new year!

May it not suck as badly as the last one!

Speaking of things not sucking, my level of enjoyment with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is pretty dismal right now.

I’m working on a new gaming PC that’s gonna set me back a pretty penny (kind of like the Steam Winter Sale just did), but you know what’s a cheaper option out there? And one friendlier to the Console Gentry?

Honestly, and I NEVER SAW THIS COMING, the Wii U is basically the only console I can recommend this gen. I may have an Xbone and a PS4, but I only play 1 or 2 games on each and ignore the rest. This is the worst console gen yet. I feel like my consoles are wasted money.

There’s a few reasons for it, like that System Exclusives seem to have gone the way of the Dodo Bird, which means that there’s no longer any clear reason to buy one system over the other as everything is available on everything, with less than five percent of major releases being tied to a given system, and most of those are TIMED exclusives, which will eventually be available on a competing platform, which generally fails to drive system sales.

Compounding the issue, the PS4 and Xbox One are basically just a low-midrange gaming PC with a custom UI in terms of hardware. Then, most damningly of all, not only do systems get all the same games, but all those games feel more similar than ever before.
The whole industry feels tired and stretched, and the most creative games are found in the indie sector. It’s why 90% of my (spent way too much money) Winter Sale purchase on Steam were games from 2012 and earlier, with a lot being late 1990’s and early 2000’s — they’re just more fun than modern ones.

What’s the one console today to buck this worrying and dizzying trend?

Who saw it coming?

The Nintendo Wii U, the one we all made fun of. The one we all wrote off early into the generation. The Quasimodo of the current lineup. It’s the most fun, most creative, and honestly the best choice today. It’s also the cheapest.

Hell yeah one is on my Amazon shopping cart, patiently waiting.

Next gen, unless Sony and Microsoft give me REAL REASON to buy a console (and it’s gonna be harder than ever given how this one is turning out), it’s just gonna be my PC and my Nintendo.

Because this gen SUCKS, and that’s a BIG. PROBLEM.


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