What the hell PS4

My PS4 has finally proven its unworthiness.

After a long day of farming Motes of Light, I get booted to the title screen.

Maintenance, the game says.

No biggie, I figure, I’ll just quit the game and wait. So I set my controller on top of the PS4 (which is on my desk) so nothing will budge it and just kind of enjoy listening to my Home screen music.

But as I stare at the Destiny tile on my PS4 home screen, it suddenly vanishes. The whole game. Gone. I check my PS4’s Installed Games list. Destiny is not there.

Odd, I say to myself, I was just playing that, so it should be there.

So I remove the disk and reinsert it.

To my horror, the PS4 reinstalls the game as if I’d never owned it, then tells me there’s a mandatory 18 GB patch (version 1.19!) and begins downloading megabyte by megabyte.

BUT I ALREADY WAS UP TO DATE! As of last night!

I can’t spare the 18 gigs (I need it to update Master Chief Collection on my XOne, which I have delayed for months as is) so I just angrily yanked the power cable from my PS4 to punish it.

Needless to say, I’m pretty pissed at the moment.

I don’t know what would cause a PS4 to just up and delete a whole game like that, but if I didn’t know my saves were on Bungie’s servers instead of stored locally, hooo boy, that PS4 would have gone in the garbage faster than you could say “irate customer”.

Do be awesome and mention if something similar happens to you in the next few days. I expect this is an isolated incident, but if it’s not, we might need to have words with Sony.


One thought on “What the hell PS4

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