Goddamnit Sony.

So, you might have heard that the PS4 is due for PS2 backwards compatibility soon.

Pretty sweet right?


It won’t even support your old PS2 discs despite the PS4 already having the hardware it needs to do that in place since Sony’s design team agreed to put a blu ray player on the damn thing.

Honestly, they shouldn’t even be calling this backwards compatibility. It doesn’t meet any of the qualifications.

These are games which will almost certainly be given a slight graphical boost (likely no more than you’d get from switching from the old A/V cables to Component), now have full Trophy support, and are digital only. It won’t even be the full PS2 library, or even a hefty chunk of it. On top of that, you have to rebuy everything you want to play because there’s no capacity for carrying these alterations to an older disc.

Because the games have been altered for PS4.

That’s not backwards compatibility by any sane man’s definition.

That’s a “digital rerelease of select PlayStation 2 titles, optimized for PlayStation 4“.

True backwards compatibility can be demonstrated on the PlayStation 2 itself. Pop a PlayStation 1 game (any game!) in there. It will boot, and you can play it (unless it was a pirated disc or region locked).

Or how about the original Wii? Pop ANY GameCube disc in there, and get ready to play.

Or the Gameboy Advance, playing original Gameboy games as easily as its own native software, which the Nintendo DS would then do with both preceding software gens (for a while, anyway).

Backwards compatibility implies that it is somehow COMPATIBLE.

This isn’t that. This is a digital rerelease of a few games. This isn’t backwards compatibility any more than PlayStation Now equalled PS3 backwards compatibility for the PS4 and Vita.

It IS however, a blatant lie covered up by some marketing sugar coating.

Goddamnit Sony.


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