She is why I haven’t posted a real entry this month

That’s right. I made Olivia Wilde in Fallout 4. That is all.

I was just watching Tron Legacy, loving Quorra’s character (as usual) and then I said to myself, “I wonder if I could make Olivia Wilde in Fallout 4?”

So I did.

Originally I had her more styled off of Quorra directly, but then I just remodeled her off of the actress proper. Picture doesn’t really do her justice (shaky cell phone camera), but I’m really pleased with the result in gameplay, and the voice matches her look pretty well.

Autumn is a persuasive, charismatic survivor who is a product of her era, and as such tries to help where she can while avoiding rivalries she feels might spark another war. She’s sentimental (keeping her baby son’s things exactly as she found them again in the Wasteland as a reminder of why she does what she does), and a cracking good shot. Despite being something of a rogueish playstyle, she does not steal, ever. It’s just against her values. She tries to be a friend to all, but has quickly learned that, in the Wasteland, sometimes you just have to back up your peaceful ideals with a bullet between the eyes.


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