Thoughts on Autumn: A free verse

It is a clear, crisp day
One where warmth jumps to cold
As a Squirrel from branch to branch
The leaves have all gone,
the branches are finally naked
A time of transition permeates the air
The scent of earthy rot marks the season
The sun hangs low
the Moon hangs high
And stars begin to play
Cold jumps to warmth
Snows which begin end as rain on the damp ground
Jack Frost begins to ply his trade
He begins to practice his engravings before Winter
Frustrated, he wipes them away come morning.
“Tonight, I will get it right.”
Meanwhile, people begin to bundle and wrap,
Coating themselves in colorful garments
Keenly aware of the coming darkness,
they drape their homes in light.
Warm drinks in every hand,
A conversation on every mouth,
Festive music in every ear,
They work a little harder to keep their cheer.
How excellent, therefore, that Winter brings the Yule
The most hopeful time of year!


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