XBOX One is “literally a Windows device”; signs of Microsoft branding the PCMR likely imminent

I’ve heard it before but I seriously love hearing this from Microsoft. It’d be nice if Xbox One became the base standard for Windows 10 gaming performance, in that a gaming rig that meets or exceeds that standard gets sold in Microsoft’s online store or something with “Optimized for Xbox” certification or something to tell buyers it meets that quality standard.

This isn’t inconceivable either; the base Core i3 model of the Alienware Alpha has seriously impressed many reviewers by matching or exceeding the PS4 in almost all the areas that matter to most console gamers. If companies like Dell focus on keeping that level of performance and just lowering the costs from the $500ish to a more Console-like $350-$400, PC gaming will likely see a MASSIVE boost of buy-in from console gamers who want to try out this new-fangled PC gaming deal without breaking the bank, and Microsoft throwing the brand-assurance of the Xbox name behind some of those PC-Console ventures could be the shot in the arm that Steam Machines so utterly and flabbergastingly failed to be from about the day we asked ourselves “Um, didn’t Valve promise us that some Steam Machines would be released by now?”

Step two would be probably convergence of the PC and Xbox libraries, with Microsoft cutting deals with Valve, EA, and GoG (among others) to feature their respective stores and content under a unified Xbox Hub in “Optimized for Xbox” certified Windows 10 devices.

And then… Microsoft pretty much wins the console war for the rest of time, I guess.

You heard it here first folks: that’s gotta be MSoft’s big evil scheme.

The XBOne was only the first salvo.

Meanwhile, my PS4, which is coming up on a year old now, collects dust and pretty much just plays the same 4 games I bought with it, and also Dragon Age Inquisition and The Witcher 3.


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