An Ancient Mariner, Each of Us

Once I beheld an albatross
Circling overhead the boat I sailed in
Every single day in flight, never knowing rest
An eternal wanderer, forever moving, forever seeking
Never to rest until the day it died.

Say nothing of how I pitied the animal
Even though I knew we were kin in spirit
Albatross, Mariner of the Sky, I honor thee!

My own life has been boorish, lost, and empty
A marked similarity to that Albatross’ home skies
Reality has been lost in a mindless tangle.
I, too, seek the place of rest and plenty
Nevermind the endless bait and hooks of life
Every step I take is another wandering move.

Perhaps one day I shall find what I seek
And then, perhaps, shall I find my true rest
Calm certainty overriding empty chaos
Inner peace at the end of a tumultuous road
Finding that place, that purpose for which I was born
In the parchment, in the ink, do I transcribe this desire
“Carry me, fair winds, to Journey’s End, with a setting sun o’er blue seas.”


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