Once again discussing Race and Racism (I hate doing this, but what the hell)

The following is compiled from a Google+ discussion I had yesterday, so it may ebb and move a little oddly at times.
What defines race?
Biology defines Race– in that we are all biologically human, and are ergo of the Human Race.

There are no blacks. There are no whites. There are no hispanics or asians.

There are, and by all rights ought to be, only humans.

Homo sapiens.

Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something, and never for your own benefit.

Some have claimed I only hold this belief because I have “White Privilige”.
Every time I hear that, I die a little inside, Allmother as my witness.
They couldn’t be more wrong– though I am most certainly of the alabaster-complexion inclined.
Mine is a DECISION to rise above a base and divisive ideal that has spawned countless problems through infinite human history.

My having a pasty complexion has nothing to do with my decisions. It has everything to do with the fact that I am Alaskan, get very little sunlight year round, and have prominent Scandinavian heritage in my ancestry. It doesn’t color (pun not intended but welcome) any of my decisions or choices.

I simply see that nothing good comes of arbitrary boundaries, and that others who seek to draw me into a defensive argument concerning the boundaries I choose to defy and ignore do nothing but prove me right about WHY it must be ignored and defied.

The “White Privilegers” are definitively and categorically wrong. The source of their wrongness is that they embrace and proliferate a failed and useless idea that does nothing but breed division, anger, and sadness instead of unity and mutual advancement among the Human Race.

I understand the divisist concept of White Privilege just fine.

It is also a divisist tactic for a reason.

Personally, I choose to treat people according to how much I trust, respect, and like them.

That has nothing to do with their ancestry or culture– it hinges entirely on interactions between me and them.

I have nothing to do with the actions of my ancestors, one way or the other. I owe no reperations or special treatment to any man or group for actions that ocurred before my birth.

Because it was before my birth.

Nor does anyone else, so stop asking for special treatment because you’re this skin color or that one.

When I bury the idea of racism, I do it so my children can do more than bury it– they can IGNORE IT.

And when we ignore it, we destroy any power it once had.

By ignoring it, we move on.

I ignore racial boundaries because I chose to no longer feed a vicious and gluttonous monster and give it power.

There is no White Privilege in that.

There is only Human Work.

That many people cannot understand such a concept and goal is tragic, but altogether expected. Hate-slinging and inflammatory, passionate language are ever the tools of the would-be revolutionary. Just because you are angry, and speak well enough to make many others angry does not make your argument or stance any more just or right. It just means you are an effective speaker.

Acknowledging that we have a horrid past, growing up, and moving on, stronger, better, and wiser than we were before is all we can ever ask of a people.

Learning to ignore outward appearances is sadly one of the most difficult challenges that people can face though. Human tribalism, from which racism anthropologically derives, is a powerful, ingrained force in our biology that served small communities well in ancient times, but has now proven to be a hindrance to further progress. It, like the appendix in the human body, is a redundant feature, and must be cut out by everyone working together to prove that racism is no longer a social currency.

As race (as it is often discussed as)  exists primarily as a societal construct, this can be done by molding our society to be color-blind. It will require a conscious effort due to human selfishness, but terms like “White Privilege” are largely an excuse by those who decry it– it shifts the impetus for higher standards off of the crier and on to a nebulous force we call racism, i.e; “THEY are the ones who shoulder the burden of learning to excel– I owe them nothing of the same.”

Helping a society improve can never be done by tearing others down, and lifting people up is decidedly a team exercise.

To that end, “race” is largely a concept I disregard. I believe that racism is a foe to be beaten, and so I will always encourage others to visit the greatest shame one can upon an enemy: to be ignored.

Race tore us all apart because that’s how society agreed it worked. So let’s agree on a single, united, Human Race, and transform a thing that fractures into a tie that binds.

Because according to the evidence, we all bleed red, and we all have the same kind of skeleton in the X-Rays.
Goodnight, and gods bless.

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