Wii U tapping out?

On the one hand, it’s almost like Nintendo is throwing in the towel, making them yet another huge mainstay company to do so (right after Sony’s handheld gaming ambitions and guys like Nokia and Blackberry failed in the smartphone space).

You kind of feel sorry for them.

On the other hand, the Wii U is failing (after a few hope spots, I’ll admit) because Nintendo repeated EVERY. SINGLE. MISTAKE. that Sony ever made with the Vita — and that means this failure falls SQUARELY on Nintendo’s head, and I think this is evidence the impact is beginning to register with them.

The difference here between the Vita and the Wii U is that someone at Nintendo CLEARLY saw the writing on the wall earlier and kicked into high gear behind the scenes to make sure they had a backup plan in the form of the NX, and Sony did not.

Now, let’s hope to all our gods that the NX doesn’t wind up as embarrassingly named as the Nintendo Police Siren.

Say it with me! “Wii-U-Wii-U-Wii-U-Wii-U…!”


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