The Four Corners of Eternity

A wise woman once made plain to me

There are four corners of eternity

Together, they hold together





Fate, the strings of the Destination slowly pulling us all to the end prescribed before our births;

Chance, the laughter of Chaos, his voice crackling fire, who mocks at Fate;

Destiny, the purpose which we are born to fulfill, which cares little for Fate or Chance.

Choice, the power of all of us — the power to obey or defy, the power to pursue destiny or rail against it.

Choice is with us all the time.

Choice is a young man told not to draw attention to himself.

Choice is a Cat; the purest decision-making whim.

Destiny is what you must choose.

Fate is the result of your Destiny.

Chance is what happens along the journey.

Eternity is the endless story of these cycles.


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