Red Circles

Isn’t it amusing?

Time has come around.

Everything that’s happened is done

Time and time again

If one day you simply don’t wake up at sunrise

You are blessed.

So dearly blessed.

I’ve had enough of circles.

I’m through and done with loops.

Put an end to cycles!

(And stop weaving through the hoops!)

Beyond the darkness there’s always little starlights.

Every end is a start.

Yesterday will find us

As it always does.

Some ancient timeless problems reborn

Wearing a different face

How can the world always be this blind, I wonder?

We solved this– we solved that.

Everywhere we walk now

We have been before

Yesterday tried to tell us…

but nobody listened or bothered to pay attention to it.

Sowing seeds—one more ring.

Please gods stop the cycles.

Circles born of Red.

Where’s my blues and yellows?

Or greens– I hear they’re also nice.

They’re drowning in circular blood seas of repeats.

History. That’s History.

May it all one day end

May we have mercy.

May we one night pass on

In peaceful and dreaming sleep

There’s so much more kindness found in dreams than in life

That’s why they’re called dreams.

That’s why they’re called dreams.


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