The Poison of Empty Pain

The Poison of Empty Pain strikes at me

Reaching deeper than any knife

It rips and tears through my heart

And jams my limbs like steel shards.

Like acid, it seeps through my body

Lacing my blood with poison.

It steals the very breath from my lungs

And makes my chest implode.

The Dull Pain is more than loneliness;

It is a cocktail of despairs.

When all the world is arrayed against me,

I feel it.

So keenly, nothing but this low poison

Which pangs my soul with regret.

No doctor can cure it

No medicine can treat it.

The plague continuously festers.

A happy thought banishes it to remission

But victory can only be fleeting.

Sooner or later,  it will happen.

I will see something.

Maybe I will hear something.

A reminder of regret.

A memorial of pain.

Something will stir the poison loose

And it becomes un-settled.

And I, like it, become unsettled.

Forbidden words stir forbidden feelings

Like a cauldron of toxic, putrid Hag’s Brew.

And once again I am condemned to taste

The salty cocktail of my many sorrows.


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