Everything has a time

A span to live and a moment to die

Life is fleeting, glorious and short.

It illuminates us all, and the finest glow from within

I hurt as that glory comes to a close

I grieve for the Dear Friend Lost.

So full of life and energetic was she

It seemed death would never find her or best her.

But no-one is immune to the Specter of the End.

No Soul is completely immortal.

Everything lives, and everything dies.

Perhaps then, the Cycle will hold.

That which dies will be reborn,

And Alas! There is my Dear Friend Again!

Her face is different, her mannerisms not as correct,

But Grace me by Her light, there she stands again!

She does not know who she was,

But a new lease on life is a new lease on opportunity.

We’ll sing the same old new songs

Have the same old conversations in new words

We’ll walk the same new streets at midnights familiar and refreshed

And I will know that death is nothing but a revolving door.

Everything past is present again.

Everything old made young.

Everything dead, Alive.

Everything Lost, Returned.

Life is like water, and follows the Wheel of the Moon.


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