Your guide to Gamergate – A FAQ for normal people

Gamergate is primarily the internet being the internet, and for whatever people try to save it by using it as a forum for issues that, I won’t lie, do need to be addressed, Gamergate is NOT the best forum for it as it carries an association of incredulity, hollowness, and “are they still talking about Gamergate? Next stupid topic plz.”

Russia Without BS

Q: What is Gamergate?

A: Gamergate is a manufactured, bullshit “scandal” specially constructed for and by total dipshits with nothing of value to offer the human race.

Q: How did Gamergate begin?

A: Some woman broke up with a guy, and instead of being an adult about it he started whining about her on his personal blog. Part of that whining included the accusation that his ex supposedly had “romantic” relations with video game journalists so as to garner positive press for her own game. Legions of socially-inept morons, convinced that women use their vaginas to control men, decided to get justice the only way they knew how- by sending death threats to their target and attempting to destroy her life online. Gamergate believers concocted a vast, elaborate conspiracy theory as to how women and feminists are creating a secret network aimed at destroying their precious video games.

Q: What…

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