My review that I gave Geek Squad on their service of my beloved Sony Vaio Duo.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin!


Geek Squad was not a service I would have considered prior to my experience over the last 2 months. I would have preferred to take my PC elsewhere, and only resorted to Geek Squad because it was the only option to fulfill the warranty as provided by Sony.

My initial repair was plagued by wait times (the completion date was routinely moved back several times), I was subjected to the complete replacement of almost all major components, poor updates of status via the website and phone calls, loss of critical documents due to an unwarranted SSD removal the first time around, and an overall botched and incompetently performed initial repair that only succeeded in introducing equally aggravating issues to my PC, necessitating a second repair by Geek Squad simply to undo the damage done during the first repair.

The second repair went considerably smoother, was more professionally done, and was frankly of a quality that I as a customer should have deserved and been able to expect the first time around.

I feel confident in saying that I expected a repair by someone who knew what they were doing the first time I took the PC in. It needed to be repaired faster and professionally (not within a month and a half), and should not have had any issues upon return of the device.

I should have been informed and asked BEFORE the SSD was replaced, and a gratis backup of my data should have been provided given that I was not consulted before the drive was replaced– replacing it without consultation, and afterwards making an offer to recover the data for $50 is inexcusable and unprofessional, especially on a warranty-ordered repair.

Fortunately, the in-store staff were kind, respectful, and very patient, and I have zero complaints with the storefront team. They were a credit to their occupation, and I give them the highest compliments.

Should I have future issues with my computing devices, I will NOT be taking it to Best Buy for future repairs under any circumstances, as I am no longer able or willing to trust Geek Squad’s professionalism or abilities in these matters.


Seriously guys. For shame. I expected more.


One thought on “My review that I gave Geek Squad on their service of my beloved Sony Vaio Duo.

  1. Hollie

    Thank goodness they were polite to you. I’ve had a few experiences where they snark and talk over me when I ask about technological issues because I’m a girl. :/ Apparently, we puny wimmins can’t science as well as the menfolk.

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