Hello, stranger, my dear friend
Let’s double this here friendly wager!
Fabulous prizes here to win,
If only you will take a bet that’s major!

See here, the prop, it shines!
How does dame fortune smile?
This bead sits ready for danger!
Please sir, let’s play a while!

Six Tubes, six tries, one shot!
Each will get three tries
Step up, step up, you’re so hot!
Come now, let’s not be shy!

Here’s the target, try to win
Listen closely to that spin

The time has come, now pull the thing
Don’t you forget the fabulous prizes it brings
A knife in the back isn’t nearly so nice
What’s keeping you, sir; are your hands made of ice?


Congratulations sir, you passed the fateful trials
Here come my deadly tries.
Playing games here by the rules
My own cunning played me for a fool


Before I try this one last time
Witness to my final rhyme

The games men play, they are bitter and wild
The games people play aren’t like those of a child
They’ll drag you and beat you
It’s what animals do!
You’ve won yourself this chance; don’t waste it fool!



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