Do you happen to know how to fly this thing? (slight spoilers)

If you haven’t seen the Doctor Who episode “The Time of the Doctor”, turn back now.

And then go watch it.

This is a poetic adaptation of Eleven’s regeneration speech.



Times must change, and so must I

But we never really say goodbye.

Change is not death, even though it seems;

Change is merely change, as it happens in dreams.


One thing becomes another, a boy becomes a man,

A seed becomes a tree, as goes nature’s master plan.

Does it all just disappear, like breath on a mirror?

Everything changes, every past moment all the dearer!


Every new age demands a renewed face

Each life has one, and it will always find its place.

That’s good and cool; because we all race on

Just remember each You that ever passed the baton.


I cannot forget one line of this—how could I ever?

I’ll always look back on these days that were oh-so-clever.

I’ll never forget the great times that we shared

I’ll never forget any of this—not a single day, I swear.


Because being me is Who I was and Who I am

And running with you has been a great pleasure, ma’am.

Just one last question, as I change with spurious wing:

“Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?”


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