I may be replacing my laptop

Not supplementing it.

Best Buy has held this machine which I need for work for 5 weeks.


And boy howdy, I have reached a new combination of “pissed off” and “depressed”, which after the depression conga-line that was my high school life, I was sure there wasn’t a combination I hadn’t discovered yet. Kudos Best Buy for this tour of self-discovery.

I will be visiting them this weekend to demand my data returned to me and a voucher towards a new computer. A cheapo like an Acer Switch 10 will meet my needs.

And I will not let them off the motherfucking hook for this one.

I was only doing business with them because Sony (my machine’s manufacturer) gave me no choice.

Avoid Best Buy.

I always do when I can afford to do so, because their service is simply not worth it for non-millionaires.

Oh, and they just told me it’s going to be another week to two weeks as they ordered EVEN MORE new parts for it.


Yeah. Avoid the worst techies in America.


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