So. A computer being repaired and a backup plan

As an aspiring author, my manuscripts are in many ways my life.

There’s just no getting around that. I invested two years of my life into Life Begins At Dusk, and was a good month’s worth of work into the sequel (I wanted to have a good chunk of the sequel drafted before I even thought about publishing the first installment). The problem being: I now face a huge chunk of time in which work has stalled and my completed manuscript is unavailable.

I’ve sent my dearest Vaio to Sony– with a note attached that if repair is impossible, i just need the data on the SSD intact.

Seriously… I need those manuscripts. Everything else can honestly be abandoned– I don’t need a porn collection, 23gb of music (hai there Spotify!) or even a picture collection that had swelled past 30 gb over the past 6 years and two computer lifespans.

Just the manuscripts and related development material.

Everything else is classed expendable.

So while I wait for word from the Sony “ER”, I am coming up with a backup plan for if it all goes wrong again.

Namely, cheapo Windows tablets, Win 8 laptops (to put Linux Mint or somesuch on– Linux still plays better with cheap machines), and Chromebooks. All options that will cost me a minimum of money and pain. That way, if my Vaio derps again, and Sony decides not to service it a second time, I can just yank my files off a cloud account and continue work as usual.

What I need to know then is which one you guys would reccommend. All three categories offer me the offline functions I need. Windows Tablets have portability on their side, but an 8 inch to 10 inch screen is a bit cramped, and keyboards in that form factor tend to be equally so and difficult to type at speed on. Windows laptops (especially the cheap ones!) tend to the heavy and less portable side, and Chromebooks have software gaps I have to somehow hurdle across.

So. Recommendations? Anyone?


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