Tragedy Strikes

This is a day of intense worrying and much destabilizing of my mood.

My Sony Vaio Duo, upon which I carry my entire novel series (a completed draft of book 1 and the first 4 chapters of the sequel), refuses to start up. 

Honestly… everything else is secondary. The music and media? I can live without those things. But I have to have my novels back, if for no other reason than to transfer them to a cheap-as-chips replacement machine so I can continue knowing that my future livelihood is secure. Without my novels, I am half a person. Without my novels, I have utterly wasted the last two years of my life.

I’m slightly freaking out here. There’s a bunch of stuff that I know how to do that I can’t do because I have neither the tools nor the parts to actually safely open up the Vaio– which I knew about in advance when I bought it but hadn’t thought such a critical error would happen this quickly– Sony was a brand I respected (now it’s about half and half) and trusted. The Vaio line was one that had a reputation for relative reliability, and I felt safe that it would last at least 3 years.

Here we are now, $1200 and not even a year later. It’s pretty damn broken– the keyboard lights up, the webcam status light will turn on, and the power supply works– I’ve verified all of this. But it doesn’t actually start: the screen remains black, and the power LED shuts off after about 15 seconds. There was also an odd hum coming from the are where the CPU sits, but only once.

I’m going to send it to Sony this weekend, and see what they can do for it.

In the meantime, I’m looking into a long-term replacement should it go wrong again; I think that’s only appropriate.

A perfect end to the week that began with this lovely entry, don’t you think?


7 thoughts on “Tragedy Strikes

  1. I am so sorry and I hope you get your novels back. I have had my Acer for awhile and put it through hell and it still works. I just have an easier time physically with a tablet.

    1. Drew Ellis Forester

      Yeah, Acers are pretty amazingly durable.

      Unfortunately, I cannot find an Acer 2 in 1 that really matches the specs I need. If it were just for writing, well… then anything would do.

      Oh well. I’ll come up with something, I’m sure.

      1. Arndórr Ørnström

        You mean aside from the short story and gajillion poems I’ve already posted? I’m sure there will be more. ;D

      2. Arndórr Ørnström

        I have not yet been published, but I aim to self publish on Kobo and Nook in the future.

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