Seven Years’ Bad Luck Not Included

Shut down hues

Play the Sad Man Blues

Wonder Deeper

At the Tale of Her


Ocean castles on cliffs made of rice

Slumber deeper

Rainbows flitter through seaside spray

Marshmallow clouds


Madcap laughter

Old modern rhymes

Songs of whales

Nothing fits the way it should


Daylight wakes her

The Grafted Mirror rests in the ICU

The face she wears can’t be her own

It just doesn’t fit like it did


Told there was an accident

“She was dropped, a terrible tragedy.”

The Doctors did everything they could

And they say she’s beautiful.


Tick Tock

Moves the Clock

The Mirror wakes

And she panics

Crick Crack


“Where is the face I used to own?” cries the Mirror

She mourns over her disfigurement

Her birth face forever lost in slow time

Only memories, natural beauty lost in the past


She wants her old face back

She can’t be beautiful

Her face is gone—everything’s ruined.

She wants to slumber just to avoid the truth


Tick tock

Moves the Clock

The Mirror sees

And she panics

Crick Crack


There’s no doctor that can fix her

No ribbons to hide her breaks

No reflection will be as it was

A Mirror once broken will always be so


The Mirror despairs, her ugliness plain

She tries to break herself—

Nothing feels real, detached as a dream

The nurses stop her, and remind her she’s beautiful


Tick tock

Moves the Clock

The Mirror reflects the truth

And she panics

Crick Crack


The Broken Mirror is released

She has no idea of what to do

She goes home and reflects herself

When sunlight catches her shattered face


Sparkle, shine

Her scars glimmer in daylight

And She finally sees the truth—

She cries tears of happiness

Because She sees her broken, ugly cracks

Now cast rainbows on everything that matters.


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