So Disney is cutting the Star Wars Expanded Universe

Or most of it, anyway.


Here was my issue. As a kid, I ADORED the Star Wars movies. My sister can easily tell you about that. But as I grew up, the expanded universe got more and more expansive and complex, eventually to the point where I could not keep up with it AT ALL. And like a pitiless leader, it didn’t slow down or give me time to catch up. I was abandoned behind an endless cavalcade of what largely amounted to trashy fanfictions– THE EMPEROR SURVIVED! AS A NEVER ENDING SERIES OF CLONES!! Luke marries the fiery and sassy redhead sent to kill him! And they pump out a bunch of Jedi-babies! CHEWBACCA WAS KILLED BY HAVING A MOON DROPPED ON HIM! Luke’s nephew becomes the next Dark Lord of the Sith!

It just got more and more fanfictiony.

Eventually, it became apparent that the only way forward for the expanded universe was backwards, and the timeline (starting with the prequel trilogy) repeated. Several times. The exact same story, told out over and over for thousands of in-universe years.

By the end, the Expanded Universe looked and felt like the boards at Thousands of entries you couldn’t possibly read in your lifetime, with a few gems (as the arstechnica guy points out, the Thrawn Trilogy, and The Force Unleashed) but mostly, it’s just and juvenile amateur wish-schilling with a Star Wars brand to make the author feel vindicated.

No wonder I left Star Wars for Doctor Who.

If Disney intends to take a hacksaw to the Expanded Universe, fine by me. Less that I have to keep up with, and FAR less shit for everyone to put up with.

Bravo Disney. You done good.


That is a GREAT THING!


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