Birth of a Dark Lady

A monster preying on innocence is all they see in my eyes
That I’m everlasting evil coming for them is the everlasting lie
I’ve tried so hard to be pious, to love as I know a mother should
I’ve tried to help them and raise them, God knows I did what I could.

But when all they see is evil, it hurts me inside
When all they call me is “Witch”, it stabs me– every time I hear it I die!
If I’m going to be hated, let me be hated for going my own way!
If for all my help I’m to be evil, then let me be evil today!

Better to be my evil than their good anyway!

All my life I’ve seen their world, hating evil every day
But never a love of goodness, it just doesn’t seem their way
All life apportioned to hatred, to sadness and slights
It’s brought tears to my eyes, water streaming from whites.

All I feel is ice now, where once there was love
I tried so hard to love them as it fit me like a glove
but damn them all their dislikes, they corrupt what is good
Chasing off every evil, they don’t love what they should

Better to be my evil than their good anyway!

Electric bolts of anger have energized my veins
They don’t know what’s good anymore, for all my pains
I once was a wise matriarch, a giver of light
But they don’t want that, so I’ll settle for taker and blight

So now I’ve been unleashed and I’m not afraid anymore
The whole damned world can keep itself outside of my doors!
I’m so tired, and You know that they’ve earned this!
I won’t hate like them, I have no love for hateful bliss!

Better to be my evil than their good anyway!


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