Happy Yule!

Behold petals of white which descend from dreary skies
Falling from unseen flowers atop the loftiest heights
Sinking down, they flutter below to Fjorgyn’s skin
Who grasps to claim them for her glistening Winter’s guise.

Skadi plants more flowers, to replenish petals claimed
While Jord’s mighty son laughs and scatters more,
He lets loose upon the land his inner child in Baldr’s sleep,
And Freya bids frosty elves to merrily dance upon my window panes,

As pale elves prance with gilded trails in their wake
Elves of light sit and laugh upon wooden piles
Bringing warmth and mirth to home and hearth
While feasts from Ullr and Sif’s gifts the residents make.

Ah, the Allfather’s jollity: the wheel has turned again!
Another year stands over, another song’s been sung
Ancient eyes twinkle as even Jotuns dance and drum.
What has been still is! Rejoice with friends and kin!


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