Young Sun over Winterland

The Winter Season has come at last
Snowfall on every hill and plain
Summertime animals sleepily retreat to their burrows
To wait for Dawn

Silver clouds glide across the Earth
Arid breezes flow down the land
In the distance all the Ravens fly high above
To watch the World

And when Yule comes again
Warmth within the cold
“Find the love that sleeps within”
The ancient stories told

When the gods have died and we linger on
The Human Race would soldier on
Kept alive by will
Starting to forget
This is what we sacrificed

When the money flows and the season sells
Corruption’s power overswells
Find the truth again
We cannot forget the love that came down from the stars!

Full Moon
Hanging over Winterland
Bright stars
Shining adorning darkened skies

The Darkest Night of all the Year
Solstice comes to deprive the Sun
In their cold homes people gather together
With their families

Dying sun sinks below horizons
Below that line over all the North
Daylight fades and temperatures drop below the line
Fire and Wine

And when morning finally comes
We find a new Year’s dawned
Youthful Sun begins his rise
To banish winter’s cold

The world awakes to a sunny plot
But the cold’s still here, and far from hot
Yet the Summer comes
Though it’s far away
Young Sun over Winterland

A change in the winds blows through the air
As Mankind celebrates ancient fairs
The Wheel’s turned again
But we will not forget the Promises made in ancient times!


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