Meeting of the minds

Dreams within carry to a world beyond
My Lady summons with magic wand
Silver streams and golden trees
A sky that enfolds like a blanket around me
Ears caressed by liquid song
In misty halls away from wrong
I yearn to stay there, kneeling but free
As Lady’s Home envelops me.
Walking past a choir of brooks
A lovely Fox asks me how she looks
“You look fine, you Foxy dear,”
I reply in the time she has my ear.
“I cannot imagine a lovelier fox,
than you, little one, who reclines among the rocks.”
At this the Fox blushed and smiled
and tottered away for a little while.
“YOU!” Called the painter, “I must paint that face!
Now please do avoid remaining in place!”
“But if I move, then how can you paint?
I’m usually still for these, though it’s no complaint!”
The painter laughed and got out his canvas and said
“It’s all about movement, my little Red!
Moving forwards, moving backwards, moving side to side!
The world is caught in perennial ride!
Why if we should have tea before five,
Then at six we should glide!
At seven we here paint
and at eight we would faint!”
I considered his words, and they came to naught
The painter was a man with no aim in his thought
But I did as he asked, and his brush it was bold
The painting was most lovely, all words be told.
After this, He deftly tucked it in my rucksack
and sent me on, a gift of movement slung over my back.
The halls were moors and the moors went on
I wondered what else I might stumble upon.
I then met a girl sitting upon a gate
“Well you!” she said, “It’s been quite a long wait!”
“Who are you?” I asked her then,
“I wonder why we keep meeting, time and again.”
She laughed, and thought it quite absurd
That this boy thought himself free as a bird.
“We’re one and the same, you and I.
And this is where we can stand side by side.
Our Lady enabled this, or so I’m told,
so why not stick with me and see how it unfolds?
She must have had her reasons, my other dear
So sit back and relax, you’ve got nothing to fear.
Even so, it’s been a bit odd to see
how I am you and you were me!”
She offered to set the table for second breakfast and bread
I sat to join her, though I’d have liked to have second breakfast in bed.
There were eggs and toast, bacon and beans
And other foods I cannot describe without better means.
It was truly a wonderful sight and flavor
And I now had a fun memory to savor.
My other self was a splendid cook
Who did not fix food straight out of a book
but rather guided by sound, smell and taste
she ensured that no ingredient would go to waste.
After a while, second breakfast was joined
The Fox and the Painter also came to enjoy!
Cried the Painter, “A most auspicious dinner, Alice dear!”
Quoth the Fox “Apologies. He’s not thinking quite clear!”
“But of course I am! I’m completely crystalline!” said the Painter
“Despite what you say, it is not March’s remainder!”
“No, I believe I was quite clear it was April, little Fox.”
“Oh silence yourself, and go sit in a box!”
A rigid silence fell over the crowd
A piercing silence that rang all too loud.
The girl spoke and said “If we are all quite done, there are two more to append.
This remarkable meeting will then work towards its end.”
Then another pair came to sit at the table
A meek little cat and a pale noble most able.
Spoke the Noble, “It’s time to get this show going!”
And he had to raise his voice, for the Painter had taken up sewing.
“Whatever you say,” responded the cat
“Just so long as you remove your hat!”
The Fox perked up “I think it looks dashing!
Leave the hat on, and give Cat a good thrashing!”
“Why would you say that?” so Cat pleaded,
“I stated only what this meeting needed!”
The Painter delighted “This coffee is marvelous!”
And the Girl sighed, as the meeting was getting arduous.
And so the guests and breakfasters bickered and snapped
My time was becoming wasted and my patience chapped.
“Would all of you just SETTLE DOWN?”
And the chatter ceased, to stare at my frown.
“Would someone please tell me why we are all here?”
“You invited us, Alice Dear!”
A scoff and a glare I gave the Painter
“My name is not Alice, and you could use a good trainer!
What is with your absent brain?
Would it not be better to have thoughts suitably trained?”
“Well, seeing as I’ve five more minutes…
I suppose that gives me time to finish!”
And the Painter sat down and resumed his sewing
And I began to feel my sanity going.
“Well,” said the cat, “What I believe this is…”
And a glare from the Noble sent the Cat’s response into a fizz.
“Enough from the Cat,” the Noble spake
“I’ve had enough of this for pity’s sake!”
And the Girl stood up and clapped her hands on the table
“Don’t you dare leave, Noble-less-than-able!”
And the Noble sat down and looked quite annoyed
He’d been taken down by a Girl, when he’d defied the Boy.
“Don’t you ever look? Don’t you see?
They are you, as they are me!
A party at Morning Tea is what was requested
Because it’s the only thing in which we’d all be invested!
From meek little Cat to appearance-struck Fox
The absent-minded Painter once sent to a box
To a self centered Noble who thinks he knows all
You and I finish this group in the Lady’s Hall.
Look at them and look at you
Not one of them is less than true
But you know the reason we had this meet
was because without the rest of us, you’d not be complete!”
Silence shook the gathered crowd
Another silence that was all too loud
The Lady had arrived, our generous host
Her raven black hair could enchant a ghost.
“This was made just for you,” The Lady said
“The best time to learn is asleep in your bed.
For books and labs can teach what you see
but only in dreams can you see your mind’s tree.
Every branch its own, every limb a mind
but to you, the Trunk, each one has a bind.
That is why I forced your trembling hand
That is why I invited you here to Wonderland.
You have such a bright and colorful light
It shines through the darkest of my nights
To possess it I long, that I might bask in its warmth
To have you, my precious little artist from the North.
I know it’s a bit selfish, and maybe even rude
But my days have grown dark when they were once many hued.
See yourself here, my little child
See your mind here, each side gone wild.
They are what makes you; but not what defines!
For who you are is your choice– it can never be mine.
I could never tell you to be any one of these
Any more than I could tell a leaf to be one of any number of trees
But you’ve been having some trouble, and so I knew
It would do to remind you of who’s really you.”
And then the table had emptied except for the Girl and I.
She gave me a wink, “You know this isn’t goodbye…
I’ll always be there, whenever you need
I’ll always be ready to help you succeed.
My name is Alice, by the way.”
“My name is Ellis, or so they say.”
“Funny things names, they do tend to change.
But no matter what they are, they can never estrange.
Well, not you from yourself, I guess I should say.
You are always yourself. So Ellis, have a great day!”
She smiled and hugged me and went on her way
and I awoke in my bed ready to face the new day.


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