For a Brighter World

This is a rare day where I post both a picture and a poem, both in honor of the upcoming Veteran’s Day. Both pieces are titled “For a Brighter World”.

(c) Drew Ellis Forester, 2013
(c) Drew Ellis Forester, 2013

Through all the smoke and savage shards
I and my brothers ran across hellish yards
Though the bullet pierced did do me pain
Those who wear the Poppy honor my name.

I have fallen fast on stranger fields
Far from home, my life repealed
The bells did ring both deep and loud
I found myself among familiar crowds

These were men I knew and men I loved
Even if comradery seldom fit like a glove
When bugles cried we charged together
Surging forth over foreign heather

My ears goading with rhythmic beat
my mind kicked forth my own two feet
The trenches lay before my eyes
I tried to ignore my best friend’s cries

“A warrior never leaves a comrade down”
I told myself with honored frown
I circled back to save my brother
Hoping that death would find some other.

I turned to go back, and He took the shot
And my blood suffered leaden clot
And as I fell then on stranger fields,
I knew at that moment that “this is for real.”

I was only one of many who died that day
My name is lost, I’m sad to say
So this year when you entreat to patriotic banners unfurled
Remember my brothers and I died for your Brighter World.


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