Happy Halloween!

A cold wind blows and hollow voices laugh

The moon shines bright and the stars go black

A night for mischief, a night of prods and pokes

You’ve stumbled into Halloween, the night of Unseelie Folk!


Is that a cat, a dog, or even a bear?

Keep a watchful eye: there are shadows everywhere!

Who knows what lurks in darkness, concealed deep within,

Mischiefs upon mischiefs: grinning Loki’s playful kin!


As you go from home to home, seeking sweet and savory treats,

Never forget the awful tricks as pixies ply their savage feats

Listen for the distant laughs and all those sinister chuckles

For the threats you face are not the sort to rely on simple knuckles


They dance between worlds as a snowflake dances upon wind

Childlike and strong, they know no thought of sin

Ah, children of the Hallow’s Eve, they do so love to play their pranks!

A trickster and a mischief-maker is every one of their esteemed ranks!


Never forget, no matter how sweet the sweets

Never forget, no matter how happy the annual retreat

Never forget, when the Moon and stars shine so very, very bright

You can only ever be a visitor here, on this their night!



One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Jules

    I LOVE THIS POEM! I began smiling by the second stanza as memories of childhood Halloween nights flitted across my mind. Happy Halloween to you, too!

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