Playing Mirror’s Edge to get ready for Mirror’s Edge because Mirror’s Edge

So a few days ago I saw the trailer for the new Mirror’s Edge, which seems to be either a reboot or a prequel.
If you haven’t seen it yet (HOW DARE YOU), then here it is.



I have waited.
Gods I have waited.

A long time ago, I’d tried playing the first one. I got really frustrated by how demanding the game is of reflexes, aim, timing, and muscle memory. I was a less mature gamer in 2009. I eventually sold the game.

Yes, you are allowed to smack me for that.

But the style of Mirror’s Edge stuck with me. Anytime I played another game with parkour of any kind (inFamous, Metal Gear Rising, etc.), I thought again of Mirror’s Edge, and the good times I did have racing forward at a million miles per hour. But for one reason or another, I never repurchased the game.

Until today.

Today, I bought it on PSN for a paltry $15.

And holy shit. I am in love again. I picked up and retained my old memories of how to play the game, and with more seasoned PS3 reflexes honed from countless hours fast paced shooters like Vanquish and slice n’ dice games like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, playing Mirror’s Edge became a breeze for once. And it is so very good.

Go buy it if you don’t have it by some horrible conspiracy of fate.

And then buy the new one. This needs to be a trilogy, at least.


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