DeviantArt Classics #2: Mysteria

Written after a major Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII binge in 2009. That is all.


The Fruit of the Goddess is bound in mystery,

an unknown gift she gives to thee.

And though it brings misery and pain,

the purpose of the fruit is quite plain:


To allow thee to see with eyes unveiled

seas thy race had never before sailed,

to drive them on to purpose, and so

your haughty kind has far to go.


For the Goddess can see the childishness of man–

you will kill your own if you can–

Killing your own o’er things like property,

and so she opens the path to the sea.


Go, my children, to the sea.

Sail to a land of true liberty.

When you are there, there will be no king,

merely men who do the right thing.


And if indeed thy course should be lost,

redemption will come, but at no small cost;

for your fate is thy own and freedom bittersweet

as you must now carry yourself by your own two feet.


She has not abandoned you, no,

but acknowledged that you have far to go

and if she held you by the hand,

never would you seek the freedom land.


Therefore you will live under her watchful eye,

as she observes you from the sky,

and though your kind will learn and grow,

you still have very far to go.


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