Cold and Rain, or: A Proper Alaska Summer

After far too many weeks of Texas style, 85-95 degree weather, Alaska has at last returned to her natural equilibrium.

The temperature hovers between 50 and 60 degrees on a good day, clouds are frequent, and it rains a LOT. I had no idea how much I missed this until we were hit with the aforementioned sweltering heat with no rain, clouds, or breezes to break it up.

The rain is a blessing, and my world is better for it.

The rain sweeps through and washes everything away, not just dirt and grime off the skin of the Earth, but also it is assisting in washing away a chapter of my life that began well enough and ended up a nightmare not entirely unlike High School. If you’re tempted to imagine that I am referring to my training program at Job Corps… well, that remains a possibility, but I honestly want that transfer to Oregon. However, I was specifically referring to a chapter in my spiritual life, which is something I strive to only write about on my designated blog  for that topic (which would be here, for those who haven’t seen it yet), but closing a door behind me and walking through the next is always a bit stressful, and so I am grateful to the rain for helping calm my mind and letting me have a soothing environment in which to think.

So far my summer seems to be going well, and I am trying to put together a weekend camping trip starting on Friday, though as usual, EVERYTHING is in opposition to me going camping.

I’m sure I’ll beat the odds somehow. 


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