Just a quick talk on possible future Mass Effect games…

The internet, particularly my sordid little corner of gaming nerd-dom, is abuzz with whatever BioWare has planned for the next Mass Effect.

Thought I’d give my two cents on how I think the franchise MIGHT proceed. This is not an endorsement of any particular route, just a sort of sign pointing to a few options that I think might pay off.

If I was going to do another Shep game, I’d make it a pre-Normandy Shep leading up to whatever huge adventure that defines her (I play a FemShep) prior to ME1 (Surviving the Akuze Massacre, Leading the Charge on Elysium, or making the toughest of calls on Torfan). It would be chance to delve into Shep’s history, provide a new set of squadmates to fall in love with, and possibly end the game with her getting “the call” from Udina leading straight into Mass Effect 1.

Of course, it’s a big universe, with a potentially infinite number of untold stories that are all worth hearing. Why should we be specifically bound to Shepard’s gang when there are simply so many other worthy stories that took place out of the Trilogy’s spotlight?

Give us the story of another, earlier Spectre, maybe a Salarian or Turian. Give us a band of Firefly-esque ne’er do wells who save the universe, possibly entirely on accident! An Asari Archaeologist who uncovers and then must outwit an ancient Prothean eldritch-abomination… the list of stories that could be told is endless.

This is a good chance for Bioware to prove how flexible and brilliant they are. I love my FemShep, and I will always approve a chance to take her on a new adventure, but remember the other possibilities as well!


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