Ever feel like you’ve lost time?

I’m not talking about waking up and not remembering the last few days. To be sure, that’s a serious problem, but if it’s happened to you, I have no advice but to seek a professional.

I’m talking about just winding up at a certain age, and then remembering when you were much younger and making plans, and you planned to be somewhere else entirely by that age.

When I was 18, I wanted to be a college graduate by 24.

I am now 24.

I’ve barely FLIRTED with college and am now piddling along at Alaska Job Corps doing… not the things I had planned on doing.

I’ve lost a LOT of time there. Not sure how I got here, or how I missed college. But it happened. I’m at Job Corps and hating the GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE, and I now have to rethink much of my life’s plans because somewhere along the way, life became a blur and I didn’t do the productive things I had been planning to do. I got lazy and chunky ’round the middle and my life lost focus. Now I’m having to step back up to the plate while not really remembering how to do it.

I could gripe and say it’s because I took a year off before trying college and my skills devolved in that span.

I could say it and you know what? It’d be damn true.

But that truth doesn’t excuse me.

I made that choice. I reaped those consequences, and now I must think of a way to get out of the hole that I’ve dug for myself.

I’m starting with getting back in shape and looking for gainful employment. Seems as good a place as any to get my house back in order.

Beware your own choices. If they’re anything like mine, you too may find yourself with Lost Time and facing similar unpleasantness before you know it.


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