DeviantArt Classics #1: A Storm

For the next few days, I’ll be posting older poems I once featured on my DeviantArt account, AtarisaDowridge. This is mostly to keep up a regular update schedule here, given that I haven’t felt very poetic lately. This one began as a blurb on my Facebook, and evolved into something more elaborate. Please enjoy.

In hard times, all it it takes is one voice to rise like Thunder in the Desert to bring a rain of Revolution.

A single voice rises to lend hope to a desperate ear.

That hope becomes courage, courage becomes strength, and the voice that was one is now two.

Two to inspire, two to cry out for New Order, and two to lead others on the path of the Cosmos.

Two grant knowledge to a third, and the third grants knowledge to a fourth.

Knowledge spreads, and becomes wisdom.

Wisdom motivates, and cultures still more.

Eventually the hope that began with Thunder in the Desert becomes a Storm that consumes the old order in the fury of Revolution.

Revolution cannot sustain itself, and we are the better for it, and settles like the Storm and becomes a new Order, a new period of Tranquility, until once more the System dies and a new Storm need rise to replenish it.


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