On the subject of boobies



This is a post on feminism.

Seems a bit odd, that I, a guy, am writing on Feminism, but stranger things have happened.

I have many thoughts on this subject, so I apologize in advance for my wall-of-text response here.

I worship Lilith, and most pagans I know will agree on her being considered a symbol of feminine equality or liberation in the modern day; and although these are not aspects I pay any more or less special attention to, it’s worthy of note so that you know where I’m coming from here.

If nothing else, she helped open my eyes to women’s social equality, and Freya assisted in that endeavor even more.

Freya is among my favorite goddesses. She is beautiful, wise, powerful, and easily respected. I like to think that I have learned much in the way of acceptance of human sexuality by spending time studying her and her stories. If only others in my country were to do the same as I did — we might see some improvement in the double-standard prudishness of American society! Over here, a mother can get in real trouble for breastfeeding her child in public even as she sits outside a lingerie store in a crowded shopping center with large advertisements plastered in the windows showing far more scandalous images glorifying sexual features of the human body even more prominently.

In America, you can show a person being decapitated on your crime drama during Prime Time TV on national airwaves, but you can’t show a woman’s naked breast in the context of feeding and giving life to an infant child because people consider the former imagery acceptable and the latter to be obscene.

I bought into that same double standard for a long time until I met Freya in my studies. She made no apologies for being who or what she was. She never allowed herself the indignity of being self-conscious or embarrassed, and it leveled the playing field for her. You are only as weak as the weakest link in your chain, so why forge more weak links for yourself?

Now, for me, a chest is a chest. Female or male, it makes no difference. There is nothing innately offensive about the human torso, nor should there be. If a woman wants to use her breasts in a way that is overtly sexual, that’s her own affair but she should keep that between her and her partner, if for no other reason than I have no desire to share in another couple’s amorous intimacies.

The rest of the time, a woman’s breasts are just there. They don’t go away because she’s embarrassed by them or because others are embarrassed by them, so why is there such a focus on hiding them? Confident men don’t hide their physiques (though I am in no way suggesting that anyone prance about butt-naked; I don’t think even I am quite ready for that! XD), so why should our women?

Until we abandon the double standard that a man is allowed to discard his shirt and go completely topless but a woman is not, the sort of equality that Freya made for herself and that she enjoyed is doomed to never be repeated.


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