Night Garden

There is a garden beneath the world

Deep in  the bones of the primoridal chasm

Under the moon grow flowers and ferns

Evergreens tower and Ashes shade

The Owls keep wise watch and the Ravens float aloft.

The noble Wolf wanders, while the guile Fox prowls.

The talented Cricket sings, and the choir of Frogs join in.

But all pay homage to the rule.

Here rules the Maiden, fairer still than lily blossoms.

She walks to  tend the garden and welcomes others in.

Under her careful watch all things prosper;

The night’s dreams she tends, and from behind the moon she smiles.

She dresses only in the finest auroras, and gentle stars shine about her neck.

As she soars through sleeping minds, jumping from soul to soul,

Some will take the time to see her, while others will never know.


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