Computers. These are the things which keep happening.

*looooong exhale*

Taking it easy as hell this week, and yet somehow the stress worms its way in, and I’m not always sure how.

Anyway, I’m a bit stressed as always, lonely as always, and that’s all boring emo shit that is better suited for “poetry” on deviantArt.

So. Interesting stuff that is actually worth writing… I’m sure I have some…

I’m combining a few of my novelling projects into a single work that combines elements of several. Don’t have much on it now, but hopefully I’ll stay interested and keep writing. Also, I built a computer at Job Corps. My own work station, built with my own hands, for my own work. So now, while I may not be able to diagnose what’s wrong with a computer, I have proved to myself that I have the skill to at least assemble one, which is a huge step in and of itself in my training.

Also, my computer is running Ubuntu again for the first time in two years. My how things change, and yet also remain the same. 13.04 is much more streamlined than the 10.10 that was my introduction to the system. My recent infatuation with web apps helped facilitate a smooth transition back to linux, as I was able to immediately pick up all my novelling projects as if nothing had changed in the slightest.

The switch happened because I had noticed that my aging Dell Inspiron laptop was getting VERY sluggish with the Windows 7 install I had come to know and love over the past 3 1/2 years. So without a second thought, I backed up all my media to a external HDD (took all night and then some), and then plopped Ubuntu on it to replace Win7, and voila! Speed is restored and the interface is just… so… pretty…

Anyway, I anticipate a Windows 8 convertible in the near future, so I see no harm or struggle in keeping Ubuntu on my Inspiron until the hardware finally gives up the ghost.

Next week I get to fiddle around with dangerous electrical components in class.

Maybe I’ll zap a certain know-it-all that I so love to dish on (the feeling is mutual between us, believe me). Oh wait, that’d get me tossed out of the training program. Never mind.

But a guy can always dream.


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