Mirrors in the Forest

Through the forest damp and dark

Home of wolf, moose and lark

Whilst illuming ribbons waft in moon’s silent stead

A shimmering crown tops the goddess’ head


She beckons me as I dream

to sit with her by a silver stream

The water was cold and crystal clear

These are the times I hold most dear


“It’s time, dear one, to make your choice.

I can show you songs, but it is your voice.

Look into these mirrors and ponder what you see

The time has come to choose who you will be.”


She drew up two mirrors in two different places

more than that, they showed different faces!

One was a student, a fine young man,

The other was a girl sitting in her own fantastic land.


The world whirled and spun around my head

As I made my choice, I found myself in bed.

I embraced both faces, my own battle won

Truly, it is what I always should have done.


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