Time for an honesty hour

The little voices in the back of my head remind me that in truth, staying positive is one of the hardest things to do.

So much in our world thrives on misery and sadness, that now, I’m fighting back with a short list of the little things in my life I love.

I love the sound of a beer as I crack open the seal on a fresh bottle. I love drinking with friends over a good-natured chat or bad movie, but I don’t enjoy drinking alone.

I love music, especially Genki Rockets (my old net-name, LumiRockets, is derived from my love of the group). I love to dance along with the music, though I don’t dance well and I’m not very graceful.

I love videogames, especially ones that favor plot and well developed and well written characters over everything else. Nothing beats involving yourself in a fully realized digital landscape and letting the real world go for a few hours. Or days.

I love drawing. I especially love drawing abstract creatures that are not grounded in reality. To let the imagination fly and take total control is a joy. Never mind “how does that even work?”, just DRAW!

The scratch of the pencil on the paper, the texture of the wood of the pencil, the smell of a fresh virgin page, ready to have a new surrealist creature expressed upon it… there’s not a whole lot out there that can match any of that for me.

I also love writing, especially in first person, for much the same reason as I enjoy a well crafted game. This time, I become not only the worldbuilder, but also the characters I write. It’s a tremendous chance to be someone else and enjoy the time spent away from reality.

Also, the click of the keyboard in a silent room, the sole sound being that of artistic creation, be it poetry or prose, is almost music to a mind like mine.

Hence I own a VERY cherished “clicky” keyboard.

The sound of the wind through fully leafed trees, the sound of a burbling stream on a sunny day, the rain falling in the forest with the smell of damp Earth, or the crunch of snow beneath my feet on a silent and moonlit night are the sounds that bring me peace and calm. Walking barefoot on anything but asphalt or concrete also helps.

Also my cat, who I very rarely see anymore, is amazing and I love her to death. Even if she is a royal asshole sometimes.


Just writing this helped balance my mood. I think I should do this more often.


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